Why French Little Secrets?

I am Mathilde, a 28 years old French, pretty much in love with her country. Currently living in the United States (“I wanna wake up in a city that never sleeps”), I felt like sharing with you some great places which are worth the trip and get off the beaten track.

The idea behind this blog is to give you the chance to:

– travel to France with another mindset;

– come back with unique memories that no one else will have experienced;

– to discover much more of France behind-the-scene;

– to meet French people and understand their oddities better;

– to cut off from your routine;

– to simply have fun!


The Hautes-Alpes and its amazing summer flora

This blog is also here to make you feel special and give you the chance to experience much more next time you travel to France. Do not hesitate to comment, to share what you love and to tell us the French stories which are now engraved in your memory. 

And don’t forget that an unique trip is priceless.




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