10 words each week – week 4

Before starting to learn all those new words, I need to share something with you that has long been asked by my husband. He believes everybody who learns French (and he is in that case) should know this expression:

“Tu pousses le bouchon un peu trop loin.”

which is “to go too far” or “to cross the boundaries”.

It became very famous since this commercial which you should absolutely watch!

1- Avant de déménager, j’ai bazardé toutes mes affaires.

Before moving out, I ditched/ chucked out all of my stuff.

bazarder: to ditch, to chuck out (se débarasser)

2 & 3– Arrête d’exhiber toutes tes richesses, ça fait mauvais genre!

Stop flaunting all your wealth! It’s in bad taste.

exhiber: to flaunt (you can also use “étaler”, Il étale sa richesse ou sa culture)

faire mauvais genre: to be bad taste, to look bad

4- La personnalité exubérante de sa mère lui a toujours fait de l’ombre.

Her mum’s exuberant personality has always overshadowed her. 

faire de l’ombre à qqun: to overshadow

5- Il a débarqué sans même être invité.

He barged in without even being invited.

débarquer: to show up, to turn up, to barge in (negative)

6- La séparation entre la mère et le fils a été déchirante.

The separation in between the mum and the son has been heart-wrenching. 

déchirant: heart-wrenching

7- Il corrige toutes mes fautes mais ça prend des heures… qu’est-ce qu’il est tatillon.

He corrects all my mistakes but that takes hours… he is so finicky.

tatillon: finicky, persnickety


8- Ce prof n’arrête pas de nous rabaisser et de nous faire passer pour des idiots.

This teacher keeps on belittling us and to make us look like fools.

rabaisser qqun: to belittle

9- Heureusement, le gouvernement est intervenu pour endiguer le trafic de drogues dans la région.

Fortunately, the government stepped in to stem the tide of drugs trafficking in the area. 

endiguer: to stem the tide, contain, restrain (“enrayer” can also be used)

10- La chute était violente. Il se tordait de douleur.

The fall was violent. He was writhing in pain. 

se tordre de douleur: to writhe in pain

And just for fun, another famous French TV commercial for the ones craving for chocolate! (no I am not a stakeholder of Nestle 🙂 )


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