Friday’s 5 French expressions!

Before the weekend starts off, squeeze those 5 expressions into the French side of your brain! They are helpful, very widespread (don’t worry you won’t sound awkward if you say them out loud) and… I’ll be posting some more so that you can always sound accurate and give tit for tat (répondre du tac au tac)…

1- Ce devoir de maths est beaucoup trop dur. Je jette l’éponge!

This math homework is really too though. I am giving up! 

jeter l’éponge: to give up, to throw the towel (note that “jeter” is complicated to conjugate, check it here)

2- A courir partout, à sauter sur les lits, à renverser toutes ses affaires… ce gamin m’en fait voir de toutes les couleurs!

Running everywhere, jumping on the beds, spilling all his stuff on the floor… this kid is giving me a real hard time! 

en faire voir de toutes les couleurs à qqun: to give somebody a hard time, to put someone through the wringer


Beautiful picture from a blog you should all visit if you love France : One Quality the Finest

3- Il arrête pas de se moquer de moi! Il me prend la tête!

He keeps on making fun of me! He is really bothering me! 

prendre la tête à qqun: to bother someone, to get somebody riled up

4- Ca a beau être évident, il ne comprend jamais rien. Il est complètement à côté de la plaque.

Even when it’s obvious, he just never gets anything. He is wide off the mark. 

être à côté de la plaque: to miss the point completely, to be wide off the mark, to be off the track

(“être à l’ouest” can also work in some contexts)



Image from Charlotte Deinez Collection, great to decorate a child’s room

5- Quand on parle du loup… le voilà!

Speaking of the devil… here he comes! 

quand on parle du loup: speaking of the devil

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