10 Words Each Week – Week 2

Welcome to the French fall! (automne)

This week again I am going to share with you 10 French words which will make your conversation stand out. I have been reading two books lately: 1984 and Brave New World so I am directly inspiring myself from those masterpieces. A few pictures of the French nature during the fall will make everything even more inspiring! 🙂

1 & 2- Le plan que nous avions manigancé a malheureusement mal tourné.

The plan we had engineered unfortunately went haywire. 

manigancer (pejorative): to engineer/ to plot (usually a plan). You can say “Mais, qu’est ce que tu manigances?” (when someone is doing something secretly)

mal tourner: to go haywire, to turn out badly (“Ca va mal tourner cette histoire!)

week2-1Picture from Montreur d’Images, Franche-ComtĂ©

3, 4 & 5- Alors qu’il nous avait invitĂ© pour le thĂ©, il n’a pas arrĂŞtĂ© de blablater et j’ai prĂ©fĂ©rĂ© m’Ă©clipser pour me boucher les oreilles.

While he had invited us for a cup of tea, he kept on droning on and I rather creeped away to cover my ears. 

blablater (often pejorative): to drone on, to prattle (“jacasser” also works)

s’Ă©clipser: to slip away, to creep away

se boucher les oreilles: to cover your ears, to plug your ears

week2-2Picture from Blog Gites de France Normandie, Mushrooms in the forest

6, 7 & 8- Depuis qu’il a perdu son boulot, il a du mal Ă  joindre les deux bouts.

Since he lost his job, he is struggling to scrape out a living. 

un boulot: a job (slang)

avoir du mal: to struggle to do something, to have a hard time doing something, to find it difficult to do something

other exemples: J’ai du mal Ă  parler anglais. Il a du mal Ă  se faire comprendre.

joindre les deux bouts: to scrape out a living, to make ends meet

9 & 10- Tu ferais mieux de protéger tes arrières et de mettre ton argent de côté.

You’d better hedge your bets and put your money aside. 

protĂ©ger ses arrières: protect your back, hedge your bets (“se couvrir”, “limiter les dettes” also work)

mettre de l’argent de cĂ´tĂ©: put some money aside (to save money: Ă©pargner) (Je mets de l’argent de cĂ´tĂ© pour partir en vacances)

week2-3The vineyard, picture from Michel Lache

Note: Featured image comes from the blog LocaLaBresse


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