10 New Words Each Week – Week 1

For those of you who know my blog a little bit, you probably already know that I am a French girl lost in the greater area of New York and in love with speaking about her country. Still, I adore learning English and on a day-to-day basis, I am trying to improve my vocabulary and create my own writing style. I know that it is going to take a while but I am sure that some of you are trying to do the same in French. So, I thought we could just learn from one another.

I am currently reading some of the books that you might all have had to snatch from the “Reading list” section of the library. When you start to do those kinds of things, you realize the gap which exists in between “how much you  think you know” and “what you actually know”.


Pictures from DecoratorsNotebook

Today and every week from now on, I would like to share with you ten words or expressions which I learnt and which I think you could also use in French to spice up your writing skills and impress everyone around you with your vocabulary! I will try to order them by topic in the near future 🙂

1 – C’est un éternel angoissé!

He is a worrywart!

2 & 3- Arrête de remettre les choses à plus tard!

Ne te laisse pas surprendre par la date limite! (more and more French use the word “deadline” instead of “date limite”)

Stop postponing!

Don’t let the deadline creep up on you!

4- On entend toutes sortes de propos alarmistes en ce moment. (répandre la peur: to scaremonger)

We hear all sort of other scaremongering lately.

5- Il va falloir que l’on se débrouille pendant ces moments difficiles.

We will have to muddle through during those difficult times.

6- C’est une supposition. (“Je suppose que” = “I suppose that”)

It is guesswork.

7- Sa beauté était saisissante. (lit. saisir: to grasp, to take hold)

He was startlingly beautiful.

8- Il n’est pas du genre à s’apitoyer sur lui-même.

He is not the kind of person who is going to wallow in self-pity.

9- Elle a plein de tâches de rousseur.

She has a freckled face.

10- Ces nouvelles taxes écrasent les petites entreprises. (lit. écraser: flatten, crush, squeeze…)

Those new taxes trample on small businesses.



Image from Language Trainers

The featured image comes from the Ben Exhibition in the Loire Valley. More info here


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