Singing Frehel watching the coast…

cotedarmorI might be a little bit too much of a cliche, but I need to acknowledge that I am the kind of French who croon old romantique French songs in the metro. Some might find it charming, others annoying but fortunately earplugs, iphone and candy crush have long turned the looks away from dabbling singers like me. My husband often ask me to hum a few notes of Trenet or Piaf but also of Frehel.


The young Frehel

This is the woman whom I wanted to tell you about today… Marguerite Boulc’h has had a very dark childhood, left to herself in the streets of Paris. Selling cosmetics doors to doors, she will have the chance to meet a female music-hall performers who is going to open her the doors to the music world. If she will fast get recognition from the public, her sentimental life is a real cacophony. After two short but crushing love story, she will head to Turkey and East Europe where her drinking problem will worsen. When she moves back to France, the public was dismayed to see an unrecognisable and thickened up woman. At that stage, she switched her stage name to Frehel in reference to the Cap Frehel in Brittany where her parents came from.

And Cap Frehel is absolutely beautiful. After listening to a beautiful song, I wanted to let you admire those beautiful craggy landscapes…

cap_frehelBeautiful picture of Cap Frehel and more to see on Detours du Monde

Those cliffs of schist and pink sandstone offer some of the best views of Brittany. The fort La Latte overlooks that beautiful scenery. Turrets and dungeons The yellow gorse, the pink heather and the blue water offers this mix of colours that enchant the eyes. It is also an important nestling site for seabirds so binoculars are a must.


Cap Frehel’s lighthouse- image from Tourisme en France

Two historic lighthouses watch after that paradise. One is still in use and was built in 1850 but the smallest one, even if off-duty (:)), has been designed by one of the architects working for Vauban (a military engineer that built fortified castles all over France).

fortlalatteFort La Latte, amazing picture from Marc Bourbon

To visit nearby: La Cote de Granit Rose… or how to find the Seychelles in Brittany 🙂


La cote de Granit Rose by Karosei, find it on Flickr


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