Eat at the French Top Chef

heraultEvery single year, that is always the same story. We cannot help rushing in front of TV on Mondays’ nights to follow the fantastic Top Chef show where sweaty and exhausted cooks just stir themselves to cook up some dishes that look more like a piece of art than something you can actually eat. During this show, we always make sure to have something to tuck in like homemade cookies. Otherwise, we might end up in despair biting our nails or worse, urgently ordering something to eat online.


La Maison de Petit Pierre – Restaurant’s website

This year, the winner was Pierre. With his mellifluous southern accent and its passionate attitude, it was not hard to get attached to this character. Luckily for all of those who planned a sea vacations, Pierre’s restaurant is located about 20 minutes from the beach. His mediterranean cuisine should make you melt. If not, you probably did not mention that your mate for life was a notorious cook.


The beautiful city of Beziers, well-known for its rugby team, where you’ll find the restaurant

Complainers are officially not allowed into Pierre’s house. Don’t even try to put your foot into the door if you are being moody. His wife and himself try to set up a warm and relaxing atmosphere. If you are having jitters just thinking how much that could cost you, you should definitely be relieved…some menus start at 20 bucks.


Outside terrasse at Maison de Petit Pierre in Beziers. Picture from Cartesurtables

The outside terrasse at La Maison de Petit Pierre. Picture from Beziers, the lucky city hosting Pierre, is also a very pleasing gateway when you had enough going to the beach. The Saint-Nazaire cathedral, at the city top, also hosts gospel concerts several time during the year. You might want to check it out and make your day even more unforgettable.

By the way…should I even mention that you’d better book way ahead? 🙂 So call La Maison de Petit Pierre!


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