The queen of Bread is called “Baguette”

baguette de tradition 0

La baguette, picture from the blog Craquez-Craquez

No one of sound mind will refute it. The “Baguette” is a french addiction. 

We eat it pretty much all day.

In the morning with butter and jam or with a chocolate and hazelnuts spread that I bet all of you know about. Regarding this addicting spread…please never mention that is unhealthy to a French. First, because we know it. Secondly, because we’ll always find a counter argument. Third because French people will easily lash out at peanut butter and that would be a pretty ridiculous subject to start a fight on.

For lunch, there is always a baguette on the table. It is awesome when the food is bad because you always have something to fall back up but watch out! “Baguette beginners” tend to overeat it, not leaving any room for a scrumptious meal!

The best snack children can possibly dream of is “pain avec du chocolat”, which has nothing to do with “pain au chocolat”. I need to officially promote that snack because it is healthier than “pain au chocolat” and, for thrifty parents, much cheaper. A bar of milk chocolate into a piece of baguette and the job is done!

Home fashionned pain au chocolatImage from Catherine’s blog about Paris. To be checked out before your trip to France. 

For diner, just as for lunch, beware of overconsumption. Don’t be surprised, the first thing French will do is to spread their cheese on the baguette!

In case you would not get enough for it, bakeries offer a large choice of sandwiches with baguette bread. Anyways any sandwich made of soft bread is considered a sworn enemy or a severe disgrace to the French gastronomy.

The cool numbers to remember

32’000 bakeries in France

80% of French bread consumption is actually baguette consumption

80% of the bread is bought in a bakery


The cool thing to know

We are so obsessed about bread that we even have a show to elect the best French bakery on a very famous TV Channel (La Meilleure Boulangerie de France).



Note: the featured image of this article comes from finedininglovers where you can find some cool facts about the Baguette.


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