Raft down a sparkling river

hautesalpesThe Hautes-Alpes have this reputation of being “far”. “Far” from the towns everyone will know of. “Far” because of the roads following the shapes of the mountains. “Far” because no highway has been able to carve its way there. Only the most tenacious tourists will have make their way up there to gaze at the outstanding sceneries the region has to offer.


Rafting on the dam gives you goose bumps

The Durance is one of the area’s river with its chilly, restless and temperamental water. It is also the perfect playing field for the plucky nature lovers, ready for a fright or two. Hang tight to the boat or you might (will) topple over! Afraid you might not get enough from the adventure? The supervisory team will make sure that the boat will keep over so you’ll get to have a better taste of the rejuvenating water.


Toppling over is part of the game, just as drifting away with the frothing stream

When you have overcome your fear, you will enjoy the hugeness of the mountains surrounding you. This feeling of being so small will give you the peace of mind you were looking for. The mountains seems to have been untouched and kept the crowd away.


Beautiful picture of the view on the Durance from the blog Trace Ta Route

In the middle of the Natural Park of the Ecrins, a lot of hikes awaits you and wild animals are on the lookout for your arrival. Do not pack your swimsuit only, good walking shoes are a must that none should leave home.


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