Admire Lyon from a Tree

rhoneClimbing in the trees is a great adventure in itself. but when the thrill is as beautiful as the view, it is something even more intense. Lyon is a city where history and gastronomy meets at each street corner. After having a tasty but yet filling local speciality, you might want to sweat if off. The usual way to do it is to climb to the Basilica of Notre Dame, perched on the abrupt hill of Fourviere. It was built in 1643 in honour of Virgin Mary who saved the city from cholera. A few steps away from it, an unusual TV relay will strike your attention as this metallic tower bears a disconcerting resemblance to the Eiffel Tower.


Basilica of Notre Dame viewed from the Old City

This is usually what you would see from Fourviere. After building up your calves’ muscles, you would usually head back down and find back the puzzling medieval streets of the Old City. Too bad…


Tree climbing in Fourviere – Joel Philippon is the photograph. Picture taken from here

Too bad because you missed something over there. The forest of Fourviere hides a staggering tree climbing place that is still unheralded. The rush of adrenaline mixed with the magic feeling of being in the heart of Lyon will surely give a sweeter taste to your day. For the ones who think the day is too short, there is not excuse of that sort. The place offers night tree climbing… you will look even cooler with a headlamp. So let yourself harness and fly over the city!


 Picture taken from France Aventures Facebook. Discover them on Facebook to fly over Lyon! 

I will be talking much more about Lyon on this blog. If you are hesitating whereas visiting the city or not, just book your ticket. Your taste buds will really appreciate your stay and your eyes will be thanking you for such an overflow of wonders. Rent a city bicycle and get ready to explore!

The featured image comes from which can help you to plan your trip to Lyon. 


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