Be all by yourself in the Caribbean

A lot of Americans know about the beauty of Saint-Martin. Few French do. Obviously very far from “the continent”, it still has a strong touch of French culture what makes my heart shrink when far away from home.


On the road from the Oyster Bay to the Galion Beach

Beauty has to be shared. The island is both Dutch and French but there is no real border there. Still, you will easily notice a slight difference when driving from one side to the other. The French side remains much more untouched and big buildings haven’t sprung up like mushrooms. Nestled in between a long bay and a swamp abounding with graceful birds, Le Galion Beach is a paradise for children.


The crystal-clear water of Le Galion Beach

The simple restaurant on the beach will rent you out some sailing equipment so that you’ll feel the soft breeze of the bay on your board. Time stands still on The Galion Beach and nobody seems to feel like putting it back on. The coconut trees lean as a sign of gratitude and the people around just look and breathe.


View on the Bay

Plus: when you are in Saint-Martin, you have to go on a snorkeling tour with Captain Alan. Swimming with the sea turtles in the wild is priceless and the tour’s spirit is perfect.


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